Barco RigiFlex: the first powerwall you can roll up

Powerwalls are great tools to immerse viewers into images, but installing them is often a big hassle. That is why we created Barco RigiFlex, the first rigid, rollable powerwall screen. Barco RigiFlex combines excellent visual performance with amazingly easy transportation, installation and maintenance.

One perfect projection surface, in any size

In the past, sometimes cranes needed to be used, or (in rare cases) walls demolished to get powerwalls screens inside a building. Usually the screens were spliced, but the welding lines then impeded the visual sense of immersion. This is the challenge we address with Barco RigiFlex. This new screen features a flexible surface which can be completely rolled up (so it can be easily brought inside any building), and is available in any size – up to 10 x 4 meters/33 x 13 feet.

Great visual performance

Despite its extremely low weight (0.5 kg/m²), the innovative woven high polymer fabric of Barco RigiFlex offers truly extraordinary visual performance. It has similar quality specifications as the top glass screens, delivering an authentic immersive interaction. Equipped with an aluminum frame, Barco RigiFlex issues extremely high tension on the surface, ensuring toughness and stability. The screen will not vibrate, even when doors are opened or closed, or when there is strong indoor ventilation. It also does not sag after long-term use.

In order to prove the impressive tension of Barco RigiFlex, we asked hard-hitting professional tennis player Yanina Wickmayer (with a career-high WTA-ranking of #12) to use it as a sparring partner. This video shows the result of this test...

Do you want to see Barco RigiFlex in real life? Then meet us at ISE 2019, February 5-8 at the Amsterdam RAI.

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