Barco UDX dazzles NABA Theater in Cambodia

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

The entertainment center of Phnom Penh, NagaWorld is the multi-award winning world class Integrated Resort with the largest 5-star hotels and the one of a kind luxury premium casino in Cambodia. NagaWorld once again raise the entertainment bar by building the Nations Art Bayon Academy—better known as the NABA Theater, which soon became the biggest additional drawcards. It’s not just for the singing, dancing and performances that grace its stage; the NABA Theater is the first in the country to incorporate 3D projection mapping into its shows.

The projected images had to be bright and clear enough to wow the audience. Chris Ee

Technical Director/visual Designer, Showtec Communications

Unbelievably dazzling Experience

Stunning visual effects spreading across NABA Theater creating beautiful and colorful images across, Barco UDX-W32 projectors allow every audience immerse into the performance and the music. Starting from the front proscenium, across the side wall to the dome recess of the ceiling and broad stage wings make the NABA Theater the perfect canvas for projections.

When the NagaWorld contacted Showtec in search for creative ideas and theater design, the challenge begins. Barco was chosen because of it’s established and proven track record in entertainment business.

“We need something compact, high brightness and highly reliable” explains Chris Ee, Technical Director/ Visual Designer from Showtec. “The projected images had to be bright and clear enough to wow the audience. We knew we could rely on Barco to deliver that level of quality.”

A bright outcome

The theater is now fitted with 14 UDX-W32 projectors. With Constant Light Output technology, the projectors deliver brightness levels of up to 32,000 lumens across the lifetime of the laser phosphor lamps. The colors are undeniably vivid: the UDX platform offers the widest color spectrum in the industry.

UDX series delivers extreme longer lifetime and allow easy maintenance and servicing for the user.

Flexible management system

“With live projections from 14 projectors, the NABA Theater needed a reliable live projection management system,” says Chris Ee, Technical Director/ Visual Designer. “The Barco E2 sets the standard.”

Renowned for flexibility and its superior image quality, the Barco E2 Master Processor works seamlessly with the Barco Ex expansion system to make managing the UDX projectors a piece of cake. In doing so, it has not just given the NABA Theater incredible freedom in the design of their projections, it has given them the confidence to experiment and discover all the possibilities this exciting new art form offers.

We knew we could rely on Barco to deliver that level of quality. Chris Ee

Technical Director/visual Designer, Showtec Communications


Barco Solution

  • UDX-W32

  • E2

  • Ex

Why Barco?

  • Bright and Clear

  • High quality

  • Flexible management system

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