Barco, latency and summer festivals: the missing link

The summer season is nearly upon us, so we'll soon be enjoying open-air festivals. Every time a performer gets an audience to clap their hands with them, check if their image on the screen is in time or not. Why? Because if they are not, you have discovered the importance of latency.

In its simplest expression, latency is the gap between an event and its image on a screen. In a live concert, it is obviously important as the sound and the image should coincide. It is also important in TV studios, where images of live interviews are sometimes projected onto screens. If there's a gap, the viewer is pulled out of what they are watching as they notice the time lapse.

Lowest latency on the market

What's the connection with Barco? Barco projectors with Pulse typically have the lowest latency on the market. Getting technical for a moment, all Pulse projectors are based on single-step processing. This means they can perform warping, scaling and 4K UHD processing in one rather than several steps. This saves processing time, which basically speeds everything up and explains why we have the fastest processors on the market - up to twice as fast as one major competitor.

The more processes you have, the higher the latency. “There's a very good case to make for using a complete Barco chain if you have to reduce latency," says product manager Alexis Skatchkoff. "Combining one of our Pulse projectors with an E2 or S3 – or any of the Barco image processing tools - really brings the latency down significantly."

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