New F80 extends Barco’s projector range for fixed installations

With the arrival of the new F80 projector, Barco can now offer managers of fixed installations a projector for every need. Designed for museums, boardrooms, and auditoriums, its 3D capability also excels in theme park dark rides and interactive experiences.

The highly-detailed 4K UHD images make no compromises on color to achieve brightness, while Barco Pulse and Single Step Processing reduce latency. Advanced cooling and the lack of lamps extend the operating lifetime and save on maintenance and consumables. In terms of flexibility, all-glass lenses and wide shift ranges accommodate almost any projector configuration.

The silent F

The F80 also stands out due to its low noise levels. To achieve this, we enabled the fan speeds to be reduced dramatically, resulting in much lower noise. Barco also turned to advanced noise inspection tools, using noise cameras and spectrum analysis to optimize the noise timbre.

So for their projectors, museums, theme parks and auditoriums now have the choice between:

The F80 is available from September 4.

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