Megabox Korea selected Barco laser cinema projectors turning its 4 theaters full laser auditoriums

Seoul , Korea Republic of

Megabox is a major multiplex in Korea with 550 screens. Since September 2016, they have selected Barco DP4K-60L as a start for their MX premium auditoriums. With the belief on Laser technology, Megabox is always looking for a complete portfolio of Laser cinema projectors to fit their needs for different auditoriums.

Megabox intended to choose the best projectors to fit each auditorium. From small to big auditoriums, cinema projectors have to be able to meet the requirements of different sizes of screen and various brightness levels. Megabox would also like to look for the precise solution for operational efficiency, such as reducing consumable parts, electricity, and labor costs, etc.

After doing market research, Megabox realized Barco is the only manufacturer providing complete portfolio of laser cinema projector, including 6 of premium laser projectors and 9 smart laser projectors. None of other manufacturers have such complete product lines. Barco is no doubt the pioneer in the industry of laser cinema projection. Apart from that, total cost of ownership (TCO) is another critical factor that Megabox selected Barco which can offer the best TCO during the life time of laser cinema projectors.

To fulfill Megabox’s demand and requirement, Barco effectively proposed a solution to offer 28 units of laser projectors, including, 10SLP, 15CLP, 20CLP, DP4K-45L, and DP4K-60L, in next 12 months at 4 separate all laser auditorium sites in Songdo, Samsong, Magok, and Baegot tentatively. The first batch of shipping was done recently, and Megabox was happy to announce that the very first all-laser-auditorium cinema in Samsong was opened at the beginning of May 2017. This is an evidence of long-term partnership with Megabox to work together in the cinema industry.

Megabox holds the insights that the future of cinema will be all-laser, and they have already being headed this strategic direction. Barco is capable of enabling Megabox’s commitment of providing movie goers with the best images: higher contrast, higher peak luminance, brighter 3D, and wider color gamut. Barco, together with Megabox, enables a bright outcome.


Barco solution DP4K-60LDP4K-45LDP2K-10SLPDP2K-15CLPDP2K-20CLP

Why Barco? • Comprehensive product portfolio • High-contrast • Brightness • Reliability • Low TCO


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