ETC’s Classic Source Four PAR and PARNel fixtures, now in LED!

The Source 4WRD™ PAR and Source 4WRD PARNel® have all of the same features you’ve come to love from ETC’s Source Four PAR and PARNel fixtures, but now with the added benefits of LEDs.

The S4WRD PAR has 126% of the output of a 750W Source Four PAR using 21% of the power. With wattage at a low 155w, heat is at a minimum. Add in that you no longer need to keep lamps in inventory, and it’s hard to deny the benefits of these incredibly efficient and useful fixtures.

Using the ground-breaking technology of the Source 4WRD LED, the Source 4WRD PAR and Source 4WRD PARNel offer a soft light source with excellent efficacy. Both the Source 4WRD PAR and PARNel can be line dimmed using a standard line dimmer or via DMX. This makes integration easy for both new and retrofit situations. They are designed to look and work just like the incandescent versions of the PAR and PARNel, and use the same lenses and accessories.

Because the Source 4WRD PAR and Source 4WRD PARNel fixture bodies use the same Source 4WRD LED that’s currently on the market, these fixtures are a great addition to any venue that already has Source 4WRDs in inventory. They also provide a great alternative for installations that previously utilized HID fixtures.


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