Barco lights up Australia’s art exhibition at the Venice Biennale

Venice , Italy

The 57th International Art Exhibition at the Venice Biennale in Italy is in full swing. The Australian Pavilion at this year’s event features two impressive Barco C8s LED displays, each containing 48 LED tiles.

Welcoming visitors to the Australian pavilion

Australia is one of only 29 countries to have a permanent national pavilion in the Giardini at the Venice Biennale and the only 21st Century building among them. This is the oldest and most prestigious art exhibition in the world, drawing hundreds of thousands of visitors from around the globe each year. The pavilions also host the high profile international architecture biennale in the alternate years. Australia’s pavilion boasts two large LED displays, with custom mechanical design: one at the entrance to the pavilion, and the other one overlooking the canal. The LED displays have been in service since the opening show on 9 May 2017. The project was initiated 5 years ago, when a consultant recommended the Barco LED solution to the Australian Council for the Arts.

Seaworthy C8s is perfect for Venice

The C8s LED display is a member of Barco’s renowned C-series family and shares its mechanics − such as truss beams, feet and stacking frames − with the other C-series LED displays. The C8s’ electronic backbone is identical to that of the C8 display, powered by the DX image processor and controlled by the Director Toolset software. The versatile C8s offers high-quality scaling, an unlimited pixel count (through stacking of multiple processors), auto redundancy and 16-bit processing per color. Its hermetically sealed and fan less design guarantees crisp images at all times. What’s more, this LED display’s brightness is consistent thanks to Barco’s proprietary calibration carrousels.

Based on high-quality LEDs with narrow binning, the C8s is specifically designed to withstand harsh sea conditions and it meets Barco’s typhoon marine test standards. Featuring a slim design, the C8s can easily be integrated into the most challenging setups. Its seaworthiness makes it ideally suited for the Venice saltwater environment, and the LED displays are a fixed installation at the Venice Biennale.

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