Encore Dunhuang debuts with grandMA2

Tradition meets technology

Immersive Chinese theatre work Encore Dunhuang debuted at the first Silk Road Dunhuang International Cultural Expo and was directed by Wang Chaoge, co-director of the stunning opening ceremony for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

During the 90-minute performance, audience members can travel through time as they walk through four zones and experience key moments and characters in the 2,000-year history of the city, once an important stop on the Silk Road.

For lighting control LD Wang Yugang used 4 x grandMA2 light consoles, 2 x MA onPC command wing, 4 x MA NPU (Network Processing Unit), 2 x MA VPU plus MK2 (Video Processing Unit) and 10 x MA 2Port Nodes.

“An Encore theatre is different from the standard theatre. Depending on the needs of the scene, it is built to be a flexible space that meets all the regular theater construction specifications whilst being configurable to realize each individual scene”, explained Wang Yugang.

Utilizing original walk-in scene theater technology, the audience is no longer restricted to sitting on seats and watching the play unfold onstage. Instead, they walk into the theatre and move around according to where the action is taking place becoming immersed in the production. The theater's lighting and effects have been choreographed and designed to optimise this special visitor experience.

The construction design company was Beijing North ACE Digital Technology Co., Ltd. ACE – Advanced Communication Equipment Co Ltd. is MA Lighting’s exclusive distributor in China. Fan Anwei was the project manager, Zhao Xiaoming was lighting design construction principal.

Used Equipment:

4 x grandMA2 light 2 x MA onPC command wing 4 x MA NPU (Network Processing Unit) 2 x MA VPU plus MK2 (Video Processing Unit) 10 x MA 2Port Node


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