Redefining the limits of reality with Barco's new simulation projector

Delivering a training experience that mixes true-to-life images with the most challenging scenarios: that is the objective of any simulation system. With the launch of the F70, a new laser-phosphor projector series with up to 4K UHD resolution, Barco sets a new standard for simulation visualization.

Unlike many 'general purpose' projectors offered to the simulation market today, Barco's F70 was built specifically for the simulation market. This not only means it has a number of specific features to answer the market's specific requirements - including smear reduction, dual input WQXGA 120 Hz and optional IR goggle stimulation - but also that special measures have been taken to make the projector as rugged as possible in order to withstand the harsh treatments on a motion platform.

With a lifetime of up to 60,000 hours (depending on the mode of operation), the F70 is one of the most durable projectors on the market today and ready for service in the most demanding simulation environments - including 24/7 mode.

Discover all about this exciting projector here.

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