Giant Barco video wall helps optimize processes at Airport Operations Center (APOC)

In 2015, Brussels Airport decided to centralize the operational services of various partners - security, luggage control and flight control - within a new Airport Operations Center (APOC). An impressive Barco OLF video wall - and our TransFormN/CMS visual collaboration solution - connect the APOC operators. “As everyone now has a clear 360° view on the situation, they can take decisions more quickly,” says Geert Lambrechts, Product Manager Information & Communication Technology at Brussels Airport.

Positive references, unique offering “The management wanted a rear-projection video wall, for ergonomics reasons. In addition, the visualization solution had to be flexible and network-centric, as the content shown on the wall would come from a variety of sources which are managed by different sub-systems,” Geert Lambrechts continues. After visits to several airports, the team decided to go Barco, because of the many positive references and the unique Barco offering (front access, auto-alignment, redundancy, etc.). Cofely-Fabricom installed the OLF video wall and installed the TransForm N/CMS solution.

Faster, easier and more efficient From feeds from security cameras (at the sorting rack, the terminal, the roads to the airport, ground taxi control, etc.) and data on baggage numbers and waiting times through to system information: it’s now all all available on the Barco video wall. The result? Smoother processes, faster decision-making and easier, more efficient control. Just what the team had in mind when conceiving the new APOC.

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