Why the global leaders in LED illumination believe in RGB laser

Barco is the global leader in LED-lit rear-projection video walls. And just like we pioneered the best LED-lit cubes years ago, we are now the first on the market with an RGB laser illuminated video wall. Is this because we think LED is not good? No. We just know that RGB laser provides even more value at lower operational cost, thanks to the higher energy efficiency ratio. Don’t be confused by arguments to defend the status quo: technology does move on, and Barco keeps investing on your behalf! Here’s why RGB laser is state-of-the-art:

Unmatched brightness

  • Highest on-screen brightness on the market

  • While maintaining viewing angles!

  • While maintaining color performance

Longer lifetime

  • Uninterrupted light source lifetime of more than 11 years (100,000 hours)

  • Redundancy of all critical components

  • High stability of brightness and color ensures minimal maintenance needs

RGB laser: the new gold standard

  • Overall the optimal performance

  • Top performer in brightness, lifetime, and TCO (total-cost-of-ownership)

100% Barco design

  • Barco designs and manufactures its own video walls

  • Barco quality commitment

  • Designed for control room needs

  • Full control over end-of-life strategy

RGB laser, not laser-phosphor!

Barco’s Flagship laser video walls for control rooms use RGB laser technology as a light source. Not laser-phosphor. This has high consequences on (mainly) the lifetime, but also color control, brightness and TCO, …

Discover everything about RGB laser

Do you like the advantages of RGB laser listed above? Then we have good news: there is a lot more to discover about this exciting technology. This solution brief goes further into detail, and tells you what RGB laser illumination can mean for your business.

Download the solution brief!

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