Dynamic backdrop to illustrate the fast-changing retail world

The retail landscape is changing fast. How can supermarkets meet the challenges in their path? To highlight its passion for innovation and reveal its future strategy, a large Spanish supermarket brand organized a corporate event in June 2016. Ditec Comunicaciones, a Spanish AV expert, made sure that the message would linger among the 500 attendants. It set up an impressive backdrop to ‘illustrate’ all the presentations with dynamic, quickly changing light and video images. The champions that did the real job? Ten of our HDX-W20 FLEX projectors.

Ditec has been a fan of our technology for many years. It has used Barco projectors and media servers at numerous corporate events. Just like in the past, the congress participants at the prestigious Teatro Nacional de Catalunya adored the set-up. They certainly won’t forget how their supermarket is a forward-looking brand that fully embraces innovation!


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