Read our technology insight: pushing the brightness boundaries for laser phosphor projection

Barco’s laser phosphor technology is taking the lead in cinema and many other professional markets. Barco laser phosphor combines the lowest TCO with high-lumen output, wider color gamut, and flexible deployment. The highest DCI brightness at 20,000 lumens; highest rec. 709 brightness at 30,000 lumens; longest lifetime; unlimited orientation options; 3 or 1 chip designs; 2K and 4K.

Take a deep dive

To give you more insight into the world of high-brightness laser phosphor projectors and why this technology is suited for applications of projectors that produce brightness levels up to 30,000 lumens, we created a dedicated paper on the subject.

Next to reviewing some basics such as: Why laser? How is it different from lamp illumination? Why is it better? we zoom in on the following topics:

  • Why laser phosphor?

  • How does laser phosphor work?

  • Optics

  • Cooling

  • Future advances

Download the full technology insight via the link below.

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