Clay Paky at Eurovision Song Contest 2016 - Interview with Ola Melzig (TD) and Fredrik Jönsson (LD)

Interview with technical director Ola Melzig and lighting designer Fredrik Jönsson, speaking about the use of Clay Paky lights at Eurovision Song Contest 2016, especially the new Clay Paky Scenius.

Ola Melzig, technical director of Eurovision 2016, agrees: “The new Scenius is amazing - it is most probably the best light for television ever made. The white is so white - the CRI levels are absolutely perfect.”

“Clay Paky’s new Scenius was the main profile workhorse of the rig,” explains Jönsson. “We were really impressed with its sharp optics and brand new OSRAM lamp which offers fantastic colour rendering – the white is actually white and not tinged blue or green. For a designer like me who works a lot on large televised events, this high CRI light source is a real game-changer.”

Jönsson, who was the lighting designer for Eurovision 2013 and created the visual look of Swedish winner Måns Zelmerlöf’s performance at last year’s contest, specified 120 Mythos, 308 Sharpys, 166 Sharpy Wash 330s and 58 Scenius to create each delegation’s uniquely spectacular visual story.

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