Barco creates “double circle” effect at Huawei P9 launch event

On April 15th, Huawei presented its latest flagship smartphone, the P9, at the Shanghai Gymnasium. No fewer than 5,000 VIP guests – an absolute attendance record for Huawei – were present at the spectacular event.

But the event was also groundbreaking in other ways. For the occasion, Huawei had prepared an unprecedented “concert” set-up, complete with on-site auditory, visual and electric effects. The mesmerizing sound, the incredible lighting effects, and the fashionable show stage made for a truly unique and compelling press conference.

The stage was designed to resemble the “B/W+ Color dual-lens” camera of the P9 smartphone, creating a “double circle” effect. The same approach was adopted for the on-site lighting design. A total of 14 Barco HDF W26 projectors were employed in a 7 by 2 blending and stacking pattern. The main background panel was 128 feet wide and 23 feet high, covering a floor area of 39 by 59 feet. To ensure smooth visuals across the arched connection between the background panel and the floor, the built-in warping software in the Barco projectors was used. The Barco E2 system and EC50 controller on the console enabled full control of the screen’s content.

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