Projection technology for trendy Proximus Lounge event location

The perfect place for every event In 2002, Belgium’s public telecom operator Belgacom set up SURF House - a stylish business center used initially for in-house events. Featuring an impressive 20m high lounge, an auditorium seating 400 people and 19 break-out rooms - all equipped with high-tech audiovisual facilities -, the venue became increasingly popular for other business events, seminars and receptions too. After three years’ of ‘inactivity’, the popular event center got a thorough makeover in 2015 to keep up with today’s latest meeting needs and trends.

Stunning images Proximus Lounge was born and Barco was proud to deliver the required visualization technology. Rik Miny, responsible Audio-visual and Telephony: “As behoves a telecom leader like Proximus, we wanted the refurbished lounge to feature the best possible audiovisual technology, yet we looked to re-use as much existing equipment as possible. What we definitely needed, was new projectors. We chose Barco’s RLM-W14 projectors for the stunning images they generate.”

The perfect backdrop Today, the Barco projectors indeed ensure high-brightness, stable images, in crisp detail, on the huge 24m x 4.8m wall in the auditorium. Barco’s E2 screen management system ensures smooth show control. So that everyone renting the business venue can illustrate his story with splendid, attractive images.

About this project

Application Venues & attractions

Location Brussels, Belgium

Products RLM-W14 E2


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