This Was Tomorrow movie premiere with Flagship Laser

Flagship Laser envelops music fans in the magic of the ‘This was Tomorrow’ live event

Something special. That’s the least you can say about Tomorrowland. The world’s ‘Best Festival’ is not just another music festival. For years now, people from all over the world have been travelling to Belgium to live the Tomorrowland dream for a few days. And the hype keeps going.

So how did the event organizers ensure that the world première of the first Tomorrowland motion picture was just as special, with that same vibrant atmosphere, as the festival itself? They installed two Barco Flagship Laser projectors! The amazingly bright images – 120,000 lumens! – and rich colors helped catapult the 10,000 spectators right in the center of the festival.

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About this project

Location Antwerp, Belgium

Products DP4K-60L

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