CreateLED reveals new Volvo S90 in style using AirMAG 3X LED Display

Detroit, Michigan, USA, February 22, 2016: The annual North American International Motor Show, NAIAS, also known as The Detroit Motor Show, was officially opened to the press on the 11th January 2016.

Swedish manufacturer, VOLVO, were there to reveal their latest model.

CreateLED were proud to be involved with the highly acclaimed VOLVO stand.

Attendance to the show is up by from last year recording 815 575 ticketed attendees’, including a visit by USA President Barack Obama. The mild winter certainly made it more inviting for show goers.

At a glittering opening press conference, the media audience gathered on the VOLVO stand with anxious anticipation. To the left and the right were VOLVO’s brand new S90 model, and in the center a small raised platform, all set against an impressive 6m high x 20m wide high performance LED display, made up of CreateLED’s AirMAG range.

This digital canvas, with an impressive resolution of 6250 pixels wide x 1872 pixels high, was created using the AirMAG-3X model. The perfect medium for VOLVO executives to showcase their latest model to the large audience gathered on the stand, Attention to detail being the order of the day.

CreateLED’s AirMAG-3X now had to rise to the occasion to accurately display every detail that the new VOLVO S90 has to offer, from the iconic chrome grill, sleek lines, the diamond cut control on the air blade, the center stack digital screen and the natural wood dashboard insert. Details that the awaiting automotive journalist are eagerly waiting to capture.

The AirMAG-3X handled this challenge with consummate ease, including perfect renditions of Electric Silver, Nordic Sand, Charlie Brown, Mid-Summer Night, Dynamite Blue and Snow White, the new colour options of the VOLVO S90 range. This high end colour reproduction is only possible due to CreateLED’s proprietary colour processing ability, high contrast ratio and high greyscale levels.

"Detroit Motor Show is up and running and I must say that we have received many positive comments about the new AirMAG-3X screen, it was by far the best looking screen at NAIAS this year.” Commented Jonas Aronsson,Senior Project Manager of CreateLED's client.

“The motor industry has always been a discerning customer, more manufacturers are now entrusting their brand to CreateLED” said Mr. Cheng Zhou, Founder of Shenzhen CreateLED Electronics Co. Limited.

CreateLED’s AirMAG range is fast becoming the 1st choice of LED Display in the motor industry will be used at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show from the 03rd to 13th March 2016 and the Beijing Motor Show from the 25th April to the 4th May 2016.

CreateLED is a global technology company specializing in the design and manufacture of high performance LED displays for indoor and outdoor use. Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, and operating in a global market, CreateLED is one of the nation's leading designers and manufacturers of LED screen technology.

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