Barco’s Flagship Laser projector shines bright at 66th Berlinale

By the end of this week, thousands of film lovers will have enjoyed one or more movies during the 2016 edition of the Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale). As a proud festival sponsor, Barco was proud to install its Flagship Laser DP4K-60L projector at the impressive Friedrichstadt-Palast venue. A short survey amongst the visitors, last weekend, showed that they appreciate the sharpness, contrast and vivid colors ensured by our Flagship Laser projector.

Happy to go laser The majority of the survey respondents gave the Flagship Laser Very Good or Excellent scores for image quality and indicated they’d go to the movies more often if the image quality was always as good as with Barco’s Flagship Laser projectors. Dagmar Forelle, head of sponsorship at the Berlinale, is just as happy with the image quality as the festival visitors are: “As true film enthusiasts, we are impressed with the exceptional brightness of Barco’s Flagship Laser Projectors, the sharp contrast and the crisp colors.”

Long-time sponsors Barco and the Berlinale have a long history of working together. The first digital screening at the Berlinale took place in 2004, using two Barco digital cinema projectors. 13 years on, Barco catapults the Berlinale into the new era of laser projection.

“The Berlinale is one of most famous film festivals in the world. Barco is honored to support the festival in its mission of promoting film in all its aspects. Our Flagship Laser projectors create a stunning audience experience that makes moviegoers go more often to the movies. It’s the perfect projector for this grand film festival,” says Stijn Henderickx, Vice President Cinema for Barco.

copyright images: Berlinale (Ali Ghandtschi, Jan Windszus)


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