Our latest show superhero? The EC-200 controller!

Today, we're welcoming a new superhero to our Event Master squad of screen management systems. The EC-200 is a full-sized hardware controller that offers easier and faster show programming thanks to its new syntax-based programming.

The family is growing

“Following the many industry reviews we got on our E2 and S3-4K screen management systems and EC-50 controller, we’re happy to announce that our successful Event Master range is growing,” comments Chris Colpaert, VP Image Processing at Barco. “Consisting of screen management systems, controllers, and media servers, our image processing portfolio includes the right tools for every step in the creative process – from handling content, to managing sources and distributing signals. This enables our rental customers to simply pick and choose the right Barco products they need to meet their specific show requirements.”

8 things you'll love about the EC-200

  • It's new syntax-based programming greatly simplifies and speeds the operator's job

  • More information can be checked simultaneously, for worry-free operation

  • Source, preset, layer, and destination selection at your fingertips

  • Provides instant access to switch sources live on program

  • You can select large groups of resources at the same time

  • Layers can now be manipulated like never before

  • Features a Linux-based operating system, a built-in Central Processing Unit (CPU), trackball, a dedicated programming section and two touchscreen displays

  • Compatible with the E2 and S3-4K Event Master processors


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