Proudly presenting our laser phosphor cinema projectors

The Barco portfolio of laser-illuminated cinema projectors is growing! Today we launched our range of laser phosphor projectors at CineAsia. The brand-new DP2K-15CLP and DP2K-20CLP are the first two models of our laser phosphor series that are being launched. They offer exhibitors a future-proof and cost-effective way to upgrade their fleet while providing superior image quality. Freeing you from all lamp-related hassles and costs, the projectors allow for considerable cost-savings and greater ease of mind through simplified operations.

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Retrofit available

What's more, our range includes both new and retrofit solutions. Thanks to the unique laser phosphor retrofit module, exhibitors who already own a Barco cinema projector can now also benefit from laser technology.

First 18,000-lumen laser phosphor cinema projector

The DP2K-20CLP is the first laser phosphor cinema projector with 18,000 lumens light output on the market, this is three times the brightness of any other laser phosphor offering.

The widest range

“Exhibitors are constantly looking to offer their audiences superior image quality at a lower cost, and with greater simplicity – and our laser-illuminated projectors meet those demands perfectly,” comments Wim Buyens, Senior VP of Barco’s Entertainment division. “Now is the time to switch to laser. By selecting laser projection, exhibitors invest in the future. Following the digital cinema conversion, we’re proud to spearhead the transition from lamp-based to laser-illuminated projection by offering the widest range of laser-illuminated projectors in the industry.”

Choose the future, now

“Thanks to our complementary portfolio of laser projectors it becomes easier for exhibitors to benefit from laser-illuminated projection, irrespective of their screen size, theater size, or budget. The Barco 6P flagship laser projectors for premium screens offer unprecedented image quality that wows audiences at an attractive total cost of ownership while our brand-new laser phosphor series for the mid-range reduces costs significantly and provides superior image quality,” says Stijn Henderickx, VP Cinema at Barco.

Experience Barco laser at CineAsia

See Barco’s laser projection with your own eyes during one of our laser demos in Theater 2 (level 1) or stop by the Barco booth (301) for more info. CineAsia is being held from 8 - 10 December in the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong.


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