Hello new HDX projector with 4K resolution!

Earlier this week, our super popular HDX projector range celebrated its fifth birthday and we're happy to be celebrating this occasion with the introduction of a fresh family member. The brand-new HDX-4K20 FLEX features everything you love about the HDX projectors - modular and rugged design, TLD lenses, ease of use - while adding 4K UHD resolution and flexible resolution.

Expanding the industry-leading platform

"Powerful event workhorses that excel in image quality, reliability, and modularity, the HDX range has a strong reputation in the rental and staging industry,” comments Carl Rijsbrack, VP Events at Barco. “With our HDX-4K20 FLEX projector, customers can now add 4K resolution to their projector inventory in a worry-free and future-proof way, to ensure that they can give their customers the resolutions that are needed, both now and into the future. As this compact projector shares its peripherals such as lenses, lamps, and flight cases, with the other Barco HDX projectors, investment is limited.”

Flexible brightness and resolution

The HDX-4K20 FLEX is delivered with Barco’s unique flexible brightness feature, which allows you to tune and lock the brightness level for a specific application – from 10,000 to 19,000 lumens in incremental steps. To make this projector even more versatile, the FLEX feature has been expanded to include flexible resolution, allowing you to choose and lock in WUXGA, WQXGA or 4K UHD resolution.

HDX-4K20 FLEX highlights

19,000 lumens light output 3-chip DLP® technology 4K UHD resolution Single high-brightness Xenon lamp High-contrast optical engine Remarkable scaling thanks to single-step processing technology Advanced image warping and edge blending with zero additional latency HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.2, HDBaseT and quad 6G HDSDI inputs supported


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