What are 'better pixels' for professional projectors? Read the white paper!

Together with Insight Media we have worked on a white paper that provides an overview of a range of video enhancements that are emerging now in the consumer TV and professional AV industries which are collectively called 'better pixels'. The paper offers insights into what these “better pixel” are, how you can benefit from them and what the implications are for the entire content-to-display pipeline. This white paper focuses mainly on the cinema market but the technology is starting to spread to other advanced professional markets like simulation, medical, military, etc. as well.

What are 'better pixels'?

The term 'better pixels' has arisen to describe a basket of advanced imaging and display technologies. In consumer TV’s, these have centered on the development of what is being termed Ultra High Definition (UHD) Phase 2. UHD Phase 2 maintains the same UHD resolution, but seeks to add additional better pixel parameters that include:

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Wide Color Gamut (WCG) High Frame Rate (HFR)

However, the definition of 'better pixels' in professional projection goes wider than the UHD Phase 2 definition. The key elements here are:

Higher brightness Enhanced resolution High Dynamic Range (HDR) and contrast wide Color Gamut (WCG) High Frame Rate (HFR) Uniformity Bit depth 3D

Want to read more about this topic? Click below to download the full white paper.

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