3 Things You Need to Fix About Your Meetings

Meetings are a part of any business and team environment. Especially in today’s culture, meetings have evolved into an integral part of business. Now, people crave collaboration and can feel easily energized from speaking with others. Plus, meetings are a time to share relevant information, documents, and ideas. Of course, meetings are only as successful as you make them. If you’re looking to elevate your meetings and make sure that your systems and processes will help you achieve maximum productivity, then we’ve got a few tips for you!

1. Make Your Meetings Secure – If you’re sharing information during meetings, then you need to make sure your system is protected so that your documents, files, and anything else stays secure. Our VIA solutions can help you get the peace of mind that comes only from knowing your meetings are secure. VIA offers 1024−bit data encryption and a dynamic security room code that will protect the content that your team values. If you’re not sure if your system is measuring up, contact your AV Manager or IT Director and find out!

2. Send Files and Content During Meetings Not After – In traditional meetings, you tend to leave the room with more work than you came in with. A lot of this work is usually administrative – things like “send the team the PowerPoint presentation” or “e−mail John my copy of the report.” These tasks can add up. The good news is that this is totally an easy fix. All you need is one of Kramer’s VIA solutions and you can begin to utilize the File Transfer feature. File Transfer allows you to share your documents, presentations, or anything else with anyone or everyone in your meeting with just one click of a button. Using this feature will help ensure that work gets done in the meeting and that you don’t leave with a laundry list of things to do.

3. Start Collaborating – You might feel like you’re already collaborating within your meetings. You brainstorm, you give notes, and you pass along your computer so that your coworker can make edits to the document that you have open on your screen. What if you could take that to the next level? What if instead of passing computers back and forth, you and your team could have the same document open on each computer and work on it all at the same time. With VIA, this is totally possible. You can also use VIA’s whiteboard features to annotate on the screen to point out changes that need to be made, call attention to specific points, and more. This feature not only allows you to get actual work done in meetings, but it will also save you a ton of time!

With VIA, meetings do not have to be boring and they do not have to be a waste of time. Using VIA will allow you to make these 3 quick changes and so many others to ensure that you have the most efficient and productive meetings possible. If you want more ideas on how to make meetings better, don’t worry, we’ve got them. Head on over to www.true− and check them out.


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