International Film Festival of Kerala celebrates 20th birthday with Barco projectors

Hip hip hooray! International Film Festival of Kerala can blow out twenty birthday candles. For this anniversary edition, Barco partners with Kerala Film Festival, which takes place from 4 to 11 December next. We provide three state-of-art Cinema projectors to bring the movie experience to a higher level.

Competition on the International Film Festival

The main event of the festival’s anniversary edition will be the fierce competition between films from Asian, African and Latin American countries. The winner will go home with the Golden Crow Pheasant Award for best feature film and a much-coveted cash prize of approximately 30,000 US dollars.

Barco, the ideal projector provider

This year Barco provides three projector models to screen several movies at three different theatres. The ultra-bright DP2K-23B Cinema projector shows the images in the best possible conditions. Barco’s top-of-the-line DP2K-32B 3D projector is the ultimate 3D machine, ensuring vibrant colors while guaranteeing absolute ease-of-use and reliability. Thanks to the DP4K-32B projector, we can guarantee the audience an unequalled, premium cinema experience. For the installation and the maintenance of the projectors, we can count on the support of our partner Real Image.


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