Barco projectors bring virtual reality thrill ride to life

Immersion rides that plunge visitors into a virtually surreal world are coming to public venues around the world. Virtual reality company Sensorama has developed the first of its kind in Latin America, a 24-person amusement taking passengers on an underwater voyage in Wila Velha, Brazil. Barco joined in the fun, supplying its ultra-high resolution projectors to deliver the breathtaking cinematic content for the simulated underwater journey.

Sensory immersion like never before

The simulation experience transports passengers through an underwater cave thousands of feet below ground to explore the nucleus of a new energy source, where a giant reservoir has lived devoid of human interference for over a thousand years. Guests embark upon a multisensory journey, accelerating through a narrow passage of land, where they feel their hair blowing in the wind and the sensation of levitating through thin air. Subtle forest fragrances are filtered into the space as guests journey through the forbidden forest, while soft hints of mist are emitted once the ride plunges towards the deep ocean.

Technology that’s powerful, yet invisible

Four Barco F35 projectors power the visual spectacular, featuring active and passive 3D stereo, highly accurate proprietary RealColor color management technology, and flicker-free Smear Reduction Processing for high frame rates up to 120 Hz, ensuring a smear-free image at any resolution and with fast-moving content. A wide range of high-quality projection lenses is available.

“The most interesting part is that all the technology disappears when you go into the ride. It’s easy, simple and beautiful,” said Leif Percifield, the project’s head engineer. “You don’t care how many wires, projectors and computers are involved because it’s awesome.”


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