Shanghai motor Show 2015

Since 2013 General Motors Corporation (GM) chose CreateLED products to use on the international automotive industry exhibition, GM has affirmed CreateLED to be the long-term partner with them. In the 2015 Shanghai international auto exhibition, CreateLED built up the high-end, fashion showroom by AirMAG series for Cadillac, Buick and Chevrolet.

Cadillac booth was designed for a strong visual effect, there are not only double crystal lamps encircled the exhibition stand, but also arc-shape LED display produced by CreateLED as background to do the CT6 Asia premiere. The LED display played 4K high definition video about the CT6, it is fantastic to show the car detail, make the promotion in success.

For the Buick booth, CreateLED and visual artist Paul Veroude, who is the great deconstruction artist from Netherlands, go hand in hand to present the Buick history and evolution. Paul chose Buick Regal GS to do the deconstruction. He picked up 60pcs of representative auto parts to make up many changeable auto styling as a video to play on the huge HD LED display produced by Createled.

On the Chevrolet booth, Createled also utilized the ceiling space to customize 500㎡ splendid LED canopy for Chevrolet. All the visitors are not only impressed by its extremely luxurious opening, but also shocked at the mixed performance of lighting and LED display. It seem to be in the dreamy world created exclusively by CreateLED.

No matter which is Cadillac or Buick, they all use Createled AirMAG module LED display on the auto exhibition. This series product is probably the only small pitch that can be easily “FLY” as used in many rental events situation. In order to suiting for various demands on rental market, AirMAG can be configured into different shapes, such as L-shape, “7”-shape, arc-shape, even the cube. Meanwhile, AirMAG series also have front serviceable function, fast, easy and convenient to use, and the highest color fidelity feature, AirMAG product will be the ideal choice for rental and fixed using.

About CreateLED CreateLED Co., Ltd. has been an anchor of the international LED display manufacture for 11 years. It is renowned for its high quality LED products. It’s a pride to be a major LED display solutions supplier to indoor and outdoor application which ultimately reflects their willingness and trust in our product and service.


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