Zhongshan Star Alliance and CreateLED Have Teamed Up to Bring You a Visual Feast

October 22 2015 – The 16th China Guzhen International Lighting Fair 2015 (GILF 2015) was opened at the lighting capital, Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The lighting fair relies on “Lighting Capital of China” and integrates the advantage in resources from lighting industry, creating the innovative linkage mode between exhibition and stores, setting up one-stop sourcing platform with an area of 700,000sqm which offers direct sourcing, trade facilitation and cost-effective service for manufacturers, professional buyers and dealers.

With the strong support of China Association of Lighting Industry and local government, Guzhen international Lighting Fair has been successfully held for 14 years. In 2014, the Fair cooperates with professional teams which including UBM Group, Star Alliance, Light Cube LED City and CreateLED to operate spring and autumn edition.

Star Alliance Star Alliance is a global top lighting brand center and an international LED lighting “experience center”. The total area of Star Alliance is almost 300,000sqm, equips with 1402sqm UHD LED canopy which was produced by CreateLED in the 60 meters high middle hollow. Visitors can enjoy the brilliant firework, azure sea world, vastness of the sky, and the mysterious universe through the UHD LED canopy. In addition to the UHD LED canopy, CreateLED also provided the LED Fish Tanks and LED gauze curtains around the Star Alliance for decoration. Devote to give a sense of like the dream like imaginary feeling for visitors.

Light Cube LED City Light Cube LED City is a professional and concentrative LED lighting sourcing platform with the largest amount of LED lighting brands and LED lighting types. The 580sqm diamond shape LED screen on the front wall of Light Cube LED City, was exclusively supplied by CreateLED. Standing in front of the Light Cube LED City, 2,000sqm LED wall combines with CreateLED’s 580sqm diamond shape LED screen to present scenes of breath-taking three dimension images and make you enjoy yourself so much as forget to leave.

About CreateLED CreateLED Co., Ltd. has been an anchor of the international LED display manufacture for 11 years. It is renowned for its high quality LED products. It’s a pride to be a major LED display solutions supplier to indoor and outdoor application which ultimately reflects their willingness and trust in our product and service.


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