CreateLED introduces a full range of high-resolution indoor LED walls, extending its reach beyond th

With a pixel pitch of only 2.2mm, 2.6mm and 3.2 mm, the AirMAG Ultra high definition series couples the benefits of LED visualization with very high resolution. This not only offers new possibilities in the traditional LED markets, but also enables LED products to be introduced in a whole range of new markets, including high-end conference rooms, museums, broadcasting studios, shopping centres and control rooms, retail and advertising applications, and even rental purposes.

High pixel density With a unique pixel pitch of 2.2, 2.6 or 3.2mm, CreateLED offers a range of ultra high-resolution LED walls, AirMAG Ultra High Density Surface Mount Diode (SMD) Indoor LED displays have revolutionized large-scale video communications, delivering dynamic, crisp, TV Studio quality customized digital information, both images or alphanumeric, in real time. The CreateLED High Definition AirMAG Series raises the bar on indoor LED displays with its combination of dazzling clarity even for very close viewing distances, rugged construction and easy to install and fully front accessible for maintenance purposes.

Versatile and Wide scope of applications: CreateLED is proud of its revolutionary AirMAG Series, designed for demanding large screen display solutions for airports, arenas, high end corporate communications, broadcast, control/command centres and other applications which demand a display solution of the highest quality and reliability. The system is particularly well suited in bright ambient light conditions where a high brightness display is required to achieve high image quality and colour fidelity.

Black and Bright: CreateLED products family with high color fidelity us the product of choice by rental and system integration partners and customers globally. Deepest level of black with black classical SMD moulded LED package, instead of the prevalent "Chip on Board (COB)" SMT package, helps R/G/B well mixed inside the SMD mould cup before being emitted out to your eyes. The LEDs comes in quad flat SMD black body package cutting down reflections hence boosting contrast to a Phenomenal contrast ratio of 3,000:1, whilst remaining COOL through it's superior thermal conductivity.

Precise Engineering Seamless: The precise engineering employed by CreateLED in the construction of the new AirMAG series provides a truly seamless display array with precise tolerances to reach a new level of eye-catching attractiveness compared to other competitive products. Once LED tiles installed, the result is a smooth, continuous image with bezel free, no dark spots and widest possible viewing angle. The modules are available in 2.2mm, 2.6mm and 3.2mm pixel pitch.

Fully Front Serviceable, saving your valuable space With CreateLED’s magnetic docking module design, AirMAG is totally front and back access serviceable. The display comes with clip-on type shaders that can simply be replaced in case of damage without any tool, only 40cm backside heat dissipation space needed.

With CreateLED’s magnetic docking module design, AirMAG is totally front serviceable. The display comes with clip-on type shaders that can simply be replaced in case of damage without any tool.

About CreateLED CreateLED Co., Ltd. has been an anchor of the international LED display manufacture for 11 years. It is renowned for its high quality LED products. It’s a pride to be a major LED display solutions supplier to indoor and outdoor application which ultimately reflects their willingness and trust in our product and service.


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