Schnick-Schnack-Systems supplied led technology for Eurovision Song Contest 2015

Cologne, May 2015 – Schnick-Schnack-Systems, a leading provider of LED effect light, delivered more than 4.000 LED strips for the stage setting of the Euro Vision Song Contest. The products of the Cologne-based company aroused the stage concept of Florian Wieder in the Wiener Stadthalle to life and supported the Acts of the participating artists with spectacular lighting effects.

Artists from 27 countries competed at this year's ESC-finals on May 23 against each other and inspired 14,000 spectators at the Wiener Stadthalle as well as 200 million people who watched the event on a home screen.

The stage Design by Florian Wieder offered the spectacle the ideal platform. 1288 horizontal light columns covered the stage, symbolizing the motto of this year of the world's biggest music show: "Building brigdes". The Eye in the background - diameter 44 meters - played a central role at this event of musical and lighting superlatives. For every artist there was an individual light show that captured and enhanced the mood of the song.

With the realization of this ambitious concept Volker Suhre of of Entertainment Technology Concepts GmbH (ETC), Hilden, was commissioned. As a partner for LED technology for the stage and the eye ETC chose Schnick-Schnack-Systems. The internationally recognized and sought-after manufacturer of LED components for professional lighting installations was responsible for more than 1,200 LED elements for the eye of the stage. In each of them two LED strips of the type "C" were used. 200 more strips of this type outlined the main stage, ETC also used 1600 LED strips of B-type for step edges and 44 more who marched a wireless moderation platform into perspective.

"In 2006, our LED systems were uses for the first time at the Euro Vision Song Contest in Athens. This was followed by Moscow in 2009, Düsseldorf 2011 and Baku 2012. So in Vienna we were thus involved for the fifth time at the ESC - we are proud of. Better evidence for the ability of our products to implement each of the light effect on the point in optical perfection, there is no ", so first name last name, function at Schnick-Schnack-Systems.

Photos: Ralph Larmann


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