China’s National Pavilion of Milan Expo 2015 CreateLED creates the innovative LED display of wheat w

World Expo 2015 officially opened in Milan, Italy, on Friday. This year's Expo theme is "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life." As the second largest pavilion on exhibition.

The presence of China at the EXPO 2015 Milan is one of the most interesting.

The theme of China’s participation to the EXPO: “Land of Hope” is expressed in a pavilion where city and landscape meet in a single place. The design of the pavilion, conceived by Tsinghua University + New York-based Studio Link-Arc and carried out by a multidisciplinary team with Yichen Lu as chief architect, is of the highest quality and combines intriguing formal references to China nature and landscape with traditional themes and materials of Chinese architecture, revisited and expressed through the means of a cutting-edge contemporary architecture. It is a pity that the location of the pavilion within the EXPO site, visually occluded by other buildings, and the reduced outdoor area around the building, do not permit to fully appreciate its architecture as a whole, as it deserves.

China Pavilion draws lots of attention from world visitors with its designs showing how Chinese people fed themselves for thousands of years and their love for the homeland. The exhibits start with hieroglyphs inscribed on oracle bone and silk production which led to the opening of the Silk Road, the ancient trade route between China and Europe.

In the "Human" sector, 11 exhibits from different parts of China are on display to show visitors how various Chinese food is prepared, cooked and brought to the dining table. For China, how to produce enough staple crops is the center of agriculture and future food security.

Beneath the roof, the building’s ground plane is defined by a landscape of wheat (the “land of hope”) that references China’s agrarian past. This natural landscape transitions seamlessly into an LED multimedia installation in the center that forms the centerpiece of the building’s exhibition program. The Earth Hall demonstrates a fantastic visual art demonstration, through 20-thousand LED optical fibers by CreateLED, Topped with LED lights, highlighting the theme of the Chinese pavilion: Land of Hope. the stalks become progressively taller as visitors move through the exhibition, while other agricultural elements are scattered throughout.

This multimedia installation formed from a matrix of LED stalks mimics the form of wheat and acts as a centerpiece of the exhibition. From there, visitors are guided up to a panoramic viewing platform which offers stunning views of the Expo grounds. After reaching the top, the viewer has the opportunity to turn back to reflect on the landscape, which glows with different colors. Visitors to the Chinese pavilion walk up a gently sloping ramp to a platform overlooking a field of more than 20 thousand of artificial wheat stalks that represent China’s long agricultural history.

The Pavilion’s full exhibition and cultural offerings are experienced as a sequence of spaces, beginning with an exterior waiting area in the landscape, leading to a themed exhibition space with interactive installations and cultural offerings from different Chinese provinces. After this, visitors are guided up a gently sloped public stair to a panoramic viewing platform above the multimedia installation, after which they are guided into a multimedia space featuring a short film focusing on family reunions during China’s annual Spring Festival. This sequence concludes with visitors stepping outside the building onto a platform above the bamboo roof that enjoys expansive views of the Expo grounds.

CreateLED's Engineer at China’s National Pavilion

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