JB-Lighting - Sparx 10 - Product video

The Sparx 10 is equipped with 37 RGBW multichip LEDs combined with the unique LED cooling system from JB-Lighting. Only in this way is it possible to optimally benefit from the further development of the LED technology with low weight and low noise levels, and utilise the enhanced performance of the LEDs. The zoom range is 4°-40°.

The powerful 3-phase stepper motors ensure a high pan/tilt speed, whilst the volume still remains very low. The Sparx 10 comes with the integrated radio DMX from JB-Lighting as standard. The elegant design with slender head and base integrates superbly into every stage set and the package dimensions are sensationally compact for this type of powerful washlight.

Like the Sparx 7, the Sparx 10 is equipped with various effect layers, which facilitate countless colour and pattern combinations. Furthermore, each individual LED can be controlled separately, which enables integration of the spotlight into pixel mapping applications.


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