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designed and produced in Germany


Production philosophy


Quality is our top priority during the manufacture of our products. Since quality assurance is best achieved with own well-trained personnel we have decided to carry out as much production steps as possible on our premises. While final production and a small mechanical production facility were already set up right from the start of JB-lighting, further departments have been founded and expanded during the course of the last 20 years. At the end of each production step, all our products have to undergo quality control and functional testing.


Service philosophy


We manufacture high-technology products for the professional user. During development and production, we attach great importance not only to functionality of our products but also to easy maintenance. We were one of the first manufacturers to offer moving lights exclusively with slide-in modular technology. The special feature here: the slide-in modules are constructed in such way that they can be removed without manual plugging and unplugging of cables. This feature facilitates maintenance and cleaning and saves valuable and expensive working time.


Made in Germany


By now, JB-lighting is the only manufacturer in Germany which develops and produces large series in the field of intelligent light. In the course of this, the production does not only comprise the final assembly of the individual components. With enormous success, Jürgen Braungardt follows a quite different philosophy. He integrates as much production steps as possible in his own plant in order to guarantee a smooth and fast production process.


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JB-lighting Products


Moving Lights SPOT

JB-lighting Varyscan P4 - BeamSpot

JB-lighting Varyscan P7 - LED CMY SPOT

JB-lighting Varyscan P8 - RGB LED SPOT


Moving Lights LED WASH

JB-lighting A12

JB-lighting A12 Tunable White

JB-lighting A8

JB-lighting A8 Tunable White

JB-lighting Sparx 10

JB-lighting Sparx 7



JB-lighting Licon 2X

JB-lighting Licon 1X

JB-lighting Licon 1X Tourpack

JB-lighting Licon CX

JB-lighting Licon CX Tourpack

JB-lighting Licon FX

JB-lighting Licon FX Tourpack



JB-lighting Wireless TRX

JB-lighting Upgrade Dongle

JB-lighting Licon 1X Offline-Editor

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