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High End Systems

High End Systems

your source for lighting solutions


At High End Systems Inc., we innovate and create the lighting products and control systems that illuminate some of the world's biggest artists on the largest stages, as well as film and television studios, cruise ships, corporate events, theme parks, churches, restaurants and retail spaces.

Now entering our fourth decade, we're one of the world's largest entertainment lighting manufacturers, a pioneer in new digital lighting technology and producer of the industry-preferred lighting controller technology.

We attribute our success to staying in touch with the needs of the entertainment lighting community. Product research and development at our Austin, TX headquarters is an ongoing collaboration between in-house engineers and lighting professionals in the field.

This collaboration is largely to thank for our status as a major industry innovator and intellectual property holder. We're not only keeping pace with industry developments - we're guiding them. We're constantly pushing the creative and technological envelope to meet customer needs and stay ahead of the curve.

As members of the entertainment community, we know reliability is paramount. We maintain rigorous manufacturing standards, while providing industry-leading customer support services. Welcome to the High End Systems community. We're your source for lighting solutions.


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High End Systems Products

Digital Lighting
DLHD (68010005)
Moving Mirror System
MMS-100 (56010005)
MMS-200 (56010006)
Axon HD Pro Media Server 
Axon HD Media Server

Lighting Consoles
Hog 4 (61020004)
Full Boar 4 (61020005)
Road Hog 4 (61020006)
HedgeHog 4 (61020011)
HedgeHog 4N (61020013)
HedgeHog 4S (61020012)
HedgeHog 4X (61020014)
RackHog 4 (61020010)
Hog 4PC

Widgets & Wings
USB DMX Widget (74040007)
USB Super DMX Widget (74040008)
USB MIDI/LTC Widget (74040009)
USB DMX Super Duper Widget (62040005)
DMX Processor 8000 (DP8K) (62040004)
Master Wing 4 (61040062)
Playback Wing 4 (61040060)
MiniWing 4

Automated Luminaires

SolaSpot Pro 2000 (H7010017/H7010022/H7010023)
SolaSpot Pro 1500 (H7010014/H7010024/H7010025/H7010026)
SolaSpot Pro CMY LED (H7010009)
SolaSpot LED (H7010005)
SolaWash Pro 2000 (H7010015/H7010020/H7010021)
SolaWash LED (H7010006/H7010007)
UNO (H7010018)

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