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GUIL is a Spanish company specialised in the design and manufacturing of staging, lifts, trussing, crowd barriers, modular structures for audio and lighting equipment, as well as stands for audiovisual equipment and for all kinds of musical instruments. Our products are characterised by being highly reliable and innovative to achieve successful results.


From the beginning, we have experienced a fast and constant evolution, quickly adapting to the always changing market requirements and continuously improving our manufacturing systems. GUIL, as one of Europe’s leading manufacturers in the industry, has provided professionals with quality and durability for over 30 years.


A constant investment in research and development has put GUIL at the forefront in technological equipment. Our mission is to produce high quality products together with superior customer service.


Due to our experience, expertise and continuous investments in materials and technology, we are ready to respond to this fast-moving market; offering useful and innovative solutions for the entertainment, T.V, theatre and event markets.


Our product range is continuously updated to meet the most demanding professional requirements. GUIL wants to continue designing, developing and manufacturing more innovative products for many years. You can consider GUIL as your reliable partner for your events!


Please send us the request in order to get your best price.

GUIL Products


GUIL Staging & Tiered Platforms


GUIL Winch Lifts + Modular & Rigging Towers


GUIL Material Lifts for Industrial Use


GUIL Choral Risers


GUIL Aluminium Crowd Control Barriers


GUIL Trussing & Adaptors


GUIL Telescopic Drop Arms


GUIL Stands And Tripods for Lighting


GUIL Retractable-Belt & Rope Barriers


GUIL Clamps, Slings & Winches


GUIL Mixer & Rack Stands


GUIL Speaker Stands & Amplifier Stands


GUIL Microphone Stands & Microphone Clamps


GUIL AV & Led Stands, Exhibition Booths


GUIL Conductor's Platforms


GUIL Musician Chairs


GUIL Music Stands & Lamps


GUIL Stands for Musical Instruments

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