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Electronic Theatre Controls

Electronic Theatre Controls

   global leader in the manufacture of

lighting and rigging technology   


ETC is a global leader in the manufacture of lighting and rigging technology for entertainment and architectural applications. Founded in Madison, Wisconsin, in 1975, ETC was a college project that grew into a major business, with Fred Foster as the current chief executive officer. ETC’s international headquarters is located in Middleton, Wisconsin. The company also has offices in Mazomanie (Wisconsin), New York, Hollywood, Orlando, Hong Kong, Copenhagen, Ede (the Netherlands), Rome, London, Berlin, and Holzkirchen (Germany). ETC employs nearly 900 people around the globe.

Since its beginning, ETC has earned an industry reputation for unmatched technical and customer service. In addition to its own renowned service department offering 24-hour phone support, ETC has almost 300 authorized service centers throughout the world, staffed by hundreds of certified technicians.

ETC products are found in small and large venues worldwide, such as theaters, restaurants, schools, performing arts centers, television studios, houses of worship, casinos, museums, theme parks and opera houses.


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ETC Products


ETC ColorSource System

ETC ColorSource CE PAR

ETC ColorSource CE Spot

ETC ColorSource® Relay

ETC ColorSource ThruPower

ETC ColorSource Consoles


ETC Control Systems

ETC Eos® Titanium



ETC Element

ETC ETCnomad™

ETC ETCnomad™ Puck

ETC Eos Programming Wing

ETC Eos Bundle

ETC Cobalt Programming Wing

ETC Cobalt Bundle

ETC Cobalt Motorised Fader Wings

ETC Cobalt™ 20

ETC Cobalt™ 10

ETC Congo® jr, powered by Cobalt

ETC Congo® Kid, powered by Cobalt

ETC Congo Light Server, powered by Cobalt


ETC Networking and Interface

ETC Net3 Concert

ETC Four-Port DMX/RDM Gateway

ETC Two-Port DMX/RDM Gateway

ETC One-Port DMX/RDM Gateway

ETC Gadget

ETC I/O Gateway

ETC Show Control Gateway

ETC ETC Response 0-10V Gateway

ETC Net3 Conductor


ETC Unison Mosaic®

ETC Mosaic Tessera Touchscreen Controller

ETC Unison Mosaic Show Controller™

ETC Unison Mosaic Show Controller X™

ETC Mosaic Remote Devices

ETC Mosaic Software


ETC Unison Echo® Control Series

ETC Echo Interface Series

ETC EchoAccess Interface


ETC LED Luminaires

ETC Source Four LED

ETC Source Four LED CYC Adapter

ETC Source Four LED Fresnel Adapter


ETC Selador® Desire® Series


ETC Selador Classic Series


ETC Source Four CE Mini

ETC Source Four CE Mini LED

ETC Source Four CE Mini Tungsten MR16

ETC Source Four Mini Lens Tubes


ETC Irideon FPZ


ETC Tungsten Luminaires

ETC Source Four CE Ellipsoidals

ETC Source Four CE, Zoom

ETC Source Four CE jr & jr Zoom

ETC ES1 CE Dimmer Kit

ETC Source Four CE Dimmer Retrofit Kit

ETC Source Four CE PAR & PARNel

ETC Source Four® Fresnel

ETC Source Four® Revolution®

ETC Source Four CE MultiPAR


ETC HID Luminaires

ETC Source Four HID 150W and 70W Profile Spots

ETC Source Four HID Zoom 150W and 70W

ETC Source Four HID jr & jr Zoom 150W and 70W

ETC Source Four HID PAR & PARNel 150W and 70W


ETC Power Control

ETC ES1 CE Dimmer Kit

ETC Source Four CE Dimmer Kit

ETC Sensor® 3 CE Power Control

ETC Unison® Dimming

ETC EchoDIN CE Power Control


ETC Alex M / Alex MX


ETC Smart Solutions

ETC Smart Control

ETC SmartPack® CE

ETC SmartLink®

ETC SmartBar 2® CE

ETC SmartModule 2 CE

ETC SmartStand

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