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ATHLETIC Sp. z o.o. is a world leader in the production of musical instrument stands and a leading manufacturer of professional stage systems. Our products are sold under the well-known ATHLETIC, ALUSTAGE and ATHLETIC CASES brands. They are highly popular among customers across all over the world. Continuous and dynamic export makes it necessary for us to meet the customers’ needs by providing professional products at affordable prices. Our staff is a team of young and ambitious people. Working in our company allows them to develop their professional skills and to constantly improve their qualifications in order to ensure the best customer service.


ATHLETIC Sp. z o. o. is part of a group of companies such as MUSIC STORE Sp. z o. o. in Poznań and SAP RENOVATION Sp. z o. o. in Kalisz as other entities within the group. Mutual capital, marketing and logistic support provides a sound basis for technological development and implementation of new technical solutions and products. ALUSTAGE is a brand and a team of employees of ATHLETIC department whose main objective is to provide customers with professional stage solutions at the highest global level while ensuring the maximum safety for the users. Construction of modular stage platforms and stage roofs is the main field of our operations. We use the highest quality materials, apply advanced technologies and meet all the applicable standards and regulations; therefore, our products meet all the needs and expectations of our customers. Thanks to our experience gained when implementing numerous projects, our present and prospective customers can be sure that they are offered the premium class equipment which can be used for many years. The quality of our services and products is confirmed by the European ISO, DIN, TÜV certificates, as well as by reference letters available on our website at


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Alustage Tribunes


Alustage Trolleys


Alustage Deco, Duo, Tri and Quadro Trusses


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